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Not skippin passes


I have been working in the conversion of my former `m4' based pages
to WML (It is becoming pretty awfull, maybe I should better redone
all work from the beguinning).

So I noticed there is a problem, you have to pay attention to the
pass order before using them.

An easy example:

I have plenty of `m4_include()' in my docs. But if I continue using
this command, this file will be included in pass 4 so I cannot use
`eperl' or `meta-html' in them. 

But now the real facts:

The problem is I am using a loop to read certain files, and extract
information fields from then. I use this info to build an index of
all the pages. (It sounds pretty complicated, and I promise you it is
somehow). All is made in `m4'. 

I am not asking for a solution, but for some advice from advanced WML

 * Using `magic cookies'? 

 * Using m4_esyscomand(wml file.wml)?

 * A strange combination in make files, passing first WML to all
   files that are part of the page, and then passing WML with that
   result (a bit in the way a compiler does: first *.c to *.o and
   then to binary)?

Any idea with a simple example will be very usefull.


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