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Re: multiple files in command line

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, Xose Manoel Ramos wrote:

> I was trying to feed several files to wml command line. As in:
>  # wml test1.wml test2.wml
> And I did not get any output.


only the first file is read in this case, and i guess it's a
macro file.

> Well, the docs say wml only expects a filename to work for. 
> Humm... why?

Because test1.wml does not contain input datas. So you should write
    wml -I test1.wml test2.wml
or better add in test2.wml
#include 'test1.wml'

> I suppose this can be easily achieved with:
>  # cat test1.wml test2.wml | wml -
> But it breaks somehow the Unix way of working.

Again, i see no reason to invoke wml this way.

PS: I did not understand your other post, could you send a simple
    example to explain what you want?

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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