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something done

I have already made my first pages with WML. It was not so difficult,
even if some things did not worked as I expected. But it seems it is
working somehow.

You can have a look in:


When I moved into WML I thought I will change everything to
Meta-HTML, but I am still using a lot of M4. To be honest most of the
macros are still M4. That makes the code look very ugly, but it works
and it seems quite fast.

Meta-HTML seems much more easy to read and beautifull, but first I
have to get used to it and make my programs.

By the way. Did you get any of my previous messages? I have to get
any message from the list for days. My ISP is fiddling with the mail
server and it does not work very nicely.

I had asked for the problem I had of using m4_includes (I really need
them) because the code I include in the pass 4 will never go through
pass 1,2,3. 

I have solved it somehow... Now I am creating the pages this way:

         m4 -P page.m4 | wml > page.html

I will annoy you a little bit more when I get more into WML. 

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