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Re: something done

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Xose Manoel Ramos wrote:

> When I moved into WML I thought I will change everything to
> Meta-HTML, but I am still using a lot of M4. To be honest most of the
> macros are still M4. That makes the code look very ugly, but it works
> and it seems quite fast.
> Meta-HTML seems much more easy to read and beautifull, but first I
> have to get used to it and make my programs.

Hmmm, do you speak of Meta-HTML or wml_p2_mhc? WML uses a stripped down
version of Meta-HTML and interfaces are completely different. 

For instance, let's define a tag writing a link to your mail address
With WML
  #use wml::std::tags
  <define-tag email>
  <preserve name>
  <preserve mail>
  <set-var %attributes>
  <a href="mailto:<get-var mail>"><get-var name></a>
  <restore mail>
  <restore name>

With Meta-HTML 5.09
  <define-tag email &key mail &key name>
  <a href="mailto:<get-var mail>"><get-var name></a>

As you see, there are differences.
In both cases, <email name="me" mail="my@mail"> expands to
<a href="mailto:my@mail">me</a>

Moreover, lots of functions of Meta-HTML are removed, because they can
easily be written in Perl. I believe that this combination of
``restricted Meta-HTML'' and ePerl is much more powerful and
user-friendly than Meta-HTML.

For instance, i hope i will find a guru to write Perl Gimp scripts.
(are you ?). Then i could provide nice drawing tools to replace <gfont>.

> By the way. Did you get any of my previous messages? I have to get
> any message from the list for days. My ISP is fiddling with the mail
> server and it does not work very nicely.

Yes we did, and i replied.
You should replace the m4_includes by wml_p1_ipp directives. As i don's
see your m4 macros, i can't explain you how to do it.

> I will annoy you a little bit more when I get more into WML. 

You're welcome ;-)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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