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Re: Perl installation

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> Today you sent me mail regarding Perl installation:
> *> in the latest snapshot, i have written
> *>      $(MAKE) pure_perl_install PREFIX=$(PREFIX)
> *> 
> *> Could you tell me if it works for you?
> sure ... is this the default ?

How, i must be tired this morning :-(
Don't understand this message too.

As i was unclear, here comes explanations on changes:

Problem description:
   Installation of Perl modules fails on some platforms.
   My experience is that if INSTALLSITELIB=$INSTALLPRIVLIB/site_perl
   then modules are installed under your_prefix/lib/wml/perl.
   Otherwise, these modules are installed into INSTALLSITELIB.
   Don't know why.

Before wml-1.7a304: in wml_common/Makefile.in
   $(MAKE) pure_install PREFIX=$(libdir)/perl
The pure_ prefix is to skip documentation generation and installation.

Now: in wml_common/Makefile.in
   $(MAKE) pure_perl_install PREFIX=$(libdir)/perl

This line is a synonym for your suggested
   $(MAKE) pure_install PREFIX=$(libdir)/perl INSTALLDIRS=perl

Denis Barbier
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