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"wmk -a" and auto-adjusted variables?

I'm having some trouble with "wmk -a" when I use auto-adjusted variables
such as "-DIMG~images".  It seems that wmk prevents these auto-adjusted
relative paths from working as desired.

For instance, when run "wmk -a" as in the following example:

   $ cd public_html
   $ wmk -a -DIMG~images
   wml -DIMG~images -oindex.html index.wml
   wml -DIMG~images -oindex.html index.wml

wmk seems to chdir (unnecessarily?) around into the sub-directories
and invoke wml from within those dirs instead, so that the auto-adjusted
variables are relative only to that dir, rather than the parent dir.

This results in all my images being referred to as if they were in
seperate "images" sub-directories under each sub-dir, but I want to refer
to just one "images" dir  up at the "top" level from where wmk was
invoked.  That is, I would like $(IMG) to be interpolated with the value
relative to directory in which *wmk* was launched.

I fear I'm misunderstanding something about auto-adjusted variables
since I don't see how they can be made to work with sub-direcories
using "wmk -a".

So, is there a way to get "wmk -a" to do what I want?

If not, should I write a patch for wmk to add a switch which would cause
it to stay in the same dir and invoke wml from there, e.g.:

   $ cd public_html
   $ wmk -a -DIMG~images
   wml -DIMG~images -oindex.html index.wml
   wml -DIMG~images -osubdir/index.html subdir/index.wml
		      ^^^^^^            ^^^^^^

I suppose this shouldn't be wmk's default behavior since it will
potentially differ from the past wmk behavior, especially where
".wmlrc" files exist in the subdirs.

Thanks for any help!

plonka@doit.wisc.edu  http://net.doit.wisc.edu/~plonka  ARS:N9HZF  Madison, WI
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