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Re: Bug report: Problems with variables

Hi Denis,

>I try with wml-1.7.1 and wml-1.7.2 and can't reproduce your wrong

oh, very sorry. I had simplified my example one step to much :-/

Here is the corrected example:

<TITLE>$(Title)$(SubTitle:+: )$(SubTitle)</TITLE>

The calls are:
#use 'template.wml' Title="foo" SubTitle="Homepage"
#use 'template.wml' Title="foo"

Now it works, as i described in my further message: the first call
produces correctly: "foo: Homepage" but the second call generates the
wrong  "foo$(SubTitle)".

In my original template.wml I use $(PACKAGE_NAME) instead of $(Title),
which is set in my .wmlrc via

>This one won't work, variables can not be nested like this. If you
>want such a feature, write it ;-) Too tricky for me.

Oh, no, i don't want to write it. It's too tricky for me, too. ;-)

Best regards,

Uwe Mindrup  Ingersheim, Germany

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