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Re: "wmk -a" and auto-adjusted variables?

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999 plonka@doit.wisc.edu wrote:

> I'm having some trouble with "wmk -a" when I use auto-adjusted variables
> such as "-DIMG~images".  It seems that wmk prevents these auto-adjusted
> relative paths from working as desired.
> For instance, when run "wmk -a" as in the following example:
>    $ cd public_html
>    $ wmk -a -DIMG~images
>    wml -DIMG~images -oindex.html index.wml
>    [subdir]
>    wml -DIMG~images -oindex.html index.wml

Put ``-DIMG~images'' in your top .wmlrc.
>From the wmk manpage, you see that wmk only recognizes [aAFoxXfnr]
flags and add other options to the command line of wml. It's exactly
what happens in your example.


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