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Re: "wmk -a" and auto-adjusted variables?

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999 plonka@doit.wisc.edu wrote:

> In this instance however, it's less desirable than being able to use just
> command-line switches.  Since I'm invoking wmk from another Makefile, I'd
> like that Makefile to be self-contained (i.e. not to be reliant on the
> content of the ".wmlrc").

Write a rule like
	echo '-DIMG~images' >$@

> It's surprising that putting "-DIMG~images" on the wmk command line is
> different than putting it in the ".wmlrc" file.  No?

As i said before, -D is not an option of wmk, but wml. It makes all the

> I'm thinking that perhaps:
> 1) wmk should not chdir around as it invokes wml, or should have a new
>    mode that causes it not to chdir.

Certainly not.

> - or -
> 2) The wmk man page should document the issue that "-D~value" on the
>    wmk command-line won't have the same effect as passing it to wml
>    directly (if wml had been invoked from the same dir) or specifying
>    it in an rc file.

Reread the wmk manpage, it does not document the -D option. So i believe
such a warning would be obfuscated.

Denis Barbier
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