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Re: not expanding $(SOMETHING) in <import> or <fsview>

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Denis Barbier wrote:

>> 	so... how to force <import> or <fsview> to show #-starting
>> 	lines as well as the other ones?
>Ok, i see now where does your problem come from. Try
>#use wml::std::page
>#use wml::std::box
>#use wml::imp::all
><page info title="Test">
><protect pass=4-9>
><fsview src="$(WML_SRC_FILENAME)">
><import src="$(WML_SRC_FILENAME)">

	It's OK now. But, including protected pass numbers in quotes
	will cause <protect> to ignore them. so, <protect pass=4-9>
	works, and <protect pass="4-9"> does not. I think wml should
	be fixed to accept the quotes in <protect> since many people
	surrounds every attribute with quotes. Just a thought.

>To fix these problems, i see 2 solutions:
>* Insert <protect pass=4-9>...</protect> in the wml_fmt_verbatim Perl
>  subroutine in wml::fmt::verbatim (internally called when the attribute
>  format=verbatim is set).
>* Don't suppress sharp/comment-lines inside <pre>...</pre>
>The latter is more attractive, but the former is more general. You could
>then import files containing slice commands, for instance.
>If there is no objection, i'll implement the former. If you want, try

	<fsview> could be useful for showing the source code of some
	files, and it generates the link to that file. It would be nice
	if <fsview> had more options (colors, width etc.)

Davor Cengija
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