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Re: print "<DIV ..."

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Rainer Jung wrote:

> Hi !
> I just tried a thing like
> <: print "<DIV align=\"right\">"; :>
> It seems that div has already a meaning (Sorry, i am not very concerned with 
> WML). The output is then:
> ---- Contents of STDERR channel: ---------
> String found where operator expected at /tmp/wml.983.tmp1 line 13, near ""<DIV align=""right""
>         (Missing operator before "right"?)
> syntax error at /tmp/wml.983.tmp1 line 13, near ""<DIV align=""right""
> String found where operator expected at /tmp/wml.983.tmp1 line 13, near ""right"">""
>         (Missing operator before ">"?)
> Execution of /tmp/wml.983.tmp1 aborted due to compilation errors.
> ------------------------------------------
> This version is doing fine:
> <: print "<DI"; print "V align=\"right\">" :>
> bug or feature ? (c: Any workaround?

Both (or maybe a nasty feature ?).
The <div> tag is for arithmetic division, e.g. <div 10.0 3.4>
This is certainly a very bad thing, all HTML tags should not be
redefined by Meta-HTML.

Anyway, Simon already gave a workaround. In your case i would suggest to
write this :
  <: print "<DIV* align=\"right\">"; :>

This starred form is shortly mentioned in wml_tutorial, lesson
``Overwriting Existing HTML Tags''.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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