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Re: [BUG REPORT] WML 1.7.2, Linux RH 6.0

Hi Jim,

[as the current maintainer of WML, i reply to your post. Ralf reads this
mailing-list and certainly appreciate your comments.]

I believe staying into the top level directory is not a good idea,
but i may be wrong. If you think your mkwml script is useful, i'll put
it into wml_contrib.
And when i'm convinced your solution is better than the one actually
implemented, your changes will go into wmk.src ;-)

Send it by private mail or to the list, if it's short.

Thanx for your report.


On Tue, 13 Jul 1999 bowlin@sirius.com wrote:

> | I ended up writing my own version of wmk because
> | I had trouble getting %DIR and -DIMG~image
> | to both work at the same time.  I also cache the
> | .wmlrc files (perhaps you do to, I didn't check).
> | 
> | Instead of effectively doing a cd to the directory
> | where the target .wml file resides, I run wml from
> | the top level directory in order for %BASE to work
> | properly in:
> | 
> | --outputfile=FACULTYuUNDEF:/home/ssl-httpd/%DIR/%BASE.html
> |      --outputfile=PUBLICuUNDEF:/home/httpd/%DIR/%BASE.html
> | 
> | I found that I wanted a little more control over
> | where the output files go and also which output
> | files to create.
> | 
> | I also added a bit of a kludge that defined
> | BASE_NAME and REL_PATH variables.  This allowed
> | me to get rid of most of my lower level .wmlrc
> | files.  My ideal is to have no repeated info in
> | the .wml source tree.  This now works.
> | 
> | I do not check file timestamps right now.  I think
> | that can be done by having mkwml read the .wmlrc
> | files to figure out both the destination files
> | and the dates of the files on the include path.
> | 
> | I will probably add some top level directives to
> | give better control over which sets of output files
> | get created.  I already use REs to pick which files
> | in the source tree to work on.  By working out of
> | the top level directory I can use the Tab key in
> | bash to easily pick the set of files to compile.
> | 
> | It could just be me, but I find that always running
> | wml from the top level directory makes more sense.
> | 
> | I'd be glad to send you my mkwml program.  It is
> | very crude but it works for me.
> | 
> | Your software is beautiful.  You get my vote for the
> | world's best progammer.
> | 
> | Thanks -- Jim Bowlin

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