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Re: gfont problem with PS fonts on big-endian platforms (patch included)

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Dave Plonka wrote:

> As an aside, my autoconf familiarity is apparently lacking - anyone know,
> off the top of their head, how to surpress autoconf's innocuous warning:
>    warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow cross compiling
> because of my introduction of AC_C_BIGENDIAN?
> Thanks,
> Dave

sorry Dave but you can't, the only solution is to give autoconf what it
requests : an action to perform when cross-compiling.

I believe that every autoconf macro should provide such an action, and
so this problem is a bug in the definition of AC_C_BIGENDIAN.

I volunteer to maintain gFONT some weeks ago, so it's time for me to
work on it.  I've committed your patch and the Frederic's fix. Plus a
beginning of support for EC fonts (8-bit). I already sent a patch to
this list for that topic, which has been fixed by comments i receive
by private mail. This patched version is at

In the 1.0.2 release, accented letters are rendered via the
juxtaposition of accents and letters. With the EC fonts, accented
letters are treated like 7-bit characters, except for some symbols which
are not in the same place in the iso-8859-1 and EC tables.
For instance try (with the patched version)
   prompt$ gfont -F mf:ecrm1200 ''
      -> fs  (a dirty sz which is a fs ligature)
      -> SS  uppercase 
      -> oe
      -> OE

It's quite incredible, but the nice sz is not in the EC fonts !
It's controlled by the classic_sharp_s boolean, which is false by
default (defined in exbase.mf). If a German people could explain how
they use EC fonts with LaTeX, i could try to fix this. Meanwhile a
workaround is to copy exbase.mf into /tmp, edit it and
set classic_sharp_s to true, and then generate all fonts.


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