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ePerl substitions

Hello Again,

One thing i am trying to do with my web pages is to put links
in to see the html-source, and to see the wml-source.
I am using a link like: <A HREF="view-source:filename">, but that
makes netscape give the source to error pages, as it doesn't end up
retrieving "http://www.myurl.com/dir/filename", but rather tries
getting http://filename. I do have 
<BASE HREF="http://www.myurl.com/dir/">.  So, to get around this 
problem, i'm trying to figure out the /dir/ part from variables.
I have the following variables passed in via my Makefile (i had 
set that up before i learnt about wmk, and haven't had time to
  BASE_HTML = http://www.myurl.com/dir/
  HOME_DIR = /home/myname/public_html/
and then from WML:
  WML_SRC_DIRNAME = /home/myname/public_html/[sub_dirs]

What i want to do with ePerl is this:
$DIR =~ s/$HOME_DIR//o;   ## strip /home/myname/public_html/ 
			  ##  from /home/myname/public_html/sub_dir/
print "<A HREF='view-source:".$BASE_HTML.$DIR.$WML_SRC_BASENAME.".html'>";

but, it doesn't work. I still get /home/myname/public_html/ in my
newly created link.

Why is in not working? what ePerl code can i use to make it work, 
as i dont have access to recompile wml (stupid school restrictions 
dont trust me to install programs server-wide! :(


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