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Small bug in wml::des::navbar


There seems to be a small bug in wml (I use 1.6.8, but I found no mention
in the changelog).

If you check a wml-generated Website with using http://validator.w3.org/,
it reports an error in the pictures of the navigation-bar: an unknown
attribute "name" in the image-tag - for example test the wml-Homepage
(there are other errors too):

Probably the following patch against wml-1.7.2/wml_include/des/navbar.src
can fix the problem (but I have not tested it really good).

<                       '<img name="'.$nb.'_'.$id.'" src="'.$img[1].'" alt="'.$alt.'" border=0>' .
>                       '<img src="'.$img[1].'" alt="'.$alt.'" border=0>' .
<                       '<img name="'.$nb.'_'.$id.'" src="'.$img[0].'" alt="'.$alt.'" border=0>' .
>                       '<img src="'.$img[0].'" alt="'.$alt.'" border=0>' .

Bye, Wolfgang

P.S: Does anyone now maintain RPM-Packages for wml? If not (I just found
wml-1.6.8-RPMs on filewatcher.org), I can try to build some.

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