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Re: gfont problem...

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Dave Plonka wrote:

> Hmm, I think I should clarify something here - you *don't* want to
> distribute two sets of fonts, the ".gdf" files _should_ now be portable.

Thanx for your explanations, Dave. I read your previous post too
I have access to my linux box only, so i can't check whether it's really
portable (and i strongly believe it is).

> If the patch is left as-is (which I think is fine), it may help if the
> docs (and probably ChangeLog) mention that, when upgrading from an older
> gfont, users should remove and/or regenerate their existing installed
> ".gdf" and ".gdf.gz" files before "make install".

As you explained, gfont expected little-endian 32-bit integers and your
patch changes this behaviour, which prevents backward compatibility
for little-endian machines.

I invert your patch to promote little-endian machines. Others
should not be in trouble, because gfont didn't work on those systems.

Anyway, compiled fonts are not back in the distribution to keep it

> Lastly, one other thing I noticed in the new snapshot is that, regarding
> Frederic's contribution (which he mentioned in the list that he integrated
> with my "configure.in" patch), I believe it should say that it was to
> improve the test of the perl version rather than handle big-endian
> architectures, no?  e.g.:
>   Changes between 1.0.2 and SNAP:
>   ...
>     *) Check for big endian architecture (21-Jul-1999):
>        [Dave Plonka <plonka@doit.wisc.edu>]
>     *) Improve checking of perl version (21-Jul-1999):
>        [Frederic le Mouel <Frederic.LeMouel@irisa.fr>]

Thanks again, Dave

A new alpha release is available at

Denis Barbier
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