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My submenus...

Hello everybody,

I'm sure that someone will be able to solve my problem...
I do have a working navbar with working menus, a bit like that :

  *Item 1
**Item 2
  -subitem 1
  -subitem 2
  *Item 3

The only point is that subitem 1 and 2 are linked to
THE SAME PAGE ( you know : href="the_page.html#section1"...).
How could I do to avoid that?
I would have liked 2 separated pages (2 different files),
instead of links in the same page...
The file contains : " #use ....  title="..." section=item2 "
Is there a way to specify a second variable, a bit like in the
example of the gimp's navbar (who! this one, IS a navbar!) ?
maybe area or subsection.
If you don't see what I may, go on this URL... and try to follow
the links of the menu in the top-right box...
(the buttons "services" and "contacts/WWW" are not working at
the moment)
(you can see my template file : "squelette.wml" in the same

Thanks a lot.

Thibaut S.

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