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Announce: gfont 1.0.3

I am glad to announce gfont 1.0.3

This release includes
- ability to use TeX T1 fonts for 8-bit characters
- gracefully exit when output filename can not be written
- fixes for big-endian platforms
- use of GNU xmalloc for memory allocation

Use of T1 fonts is still experimental, lots of work has still to be

Thanks to all contributors, especially
* John Bazik
* Jan Ulrich Hasecke
* Frederic le Mouel
* Dave Plonka
and others i forgot to mention (if i do, drop me a message)...


PS to Ryan VanderBijl: in an old private message, you wrote you
    patched gfont, but i do not remember whether you sent me
    your patches.  Did you?

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