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Re: question about the images locations ...

On 27 Aug 1999, Caillaud Nicolas wrote:

> Hi
> I think I've understood the mecanism of the -DPATH~path/to/dir/
> but it seems there is a gap between the building of the gfont, dot,
> background images, and the html code
> Practically, I've the folowwing feil system structure :
> current directory :
> /home/nc/src/web
> ./www
> ./www/images
> in /home/nc/src/web, I've my .wml files
> the output is redirected (via -o www/%PATH.html) in ./www
> I want to have the images in www/images, and the code being "<img
> src=images/xxx.gif>"
> How can I manage for that ?

Hi Nicolas,

the -o option is used only to redirect output, it is not used by WML to
deduce relative links. Writing files in another directory is not a
trivial task. Moreover, how will you manage sub-directories ?

Anyway, here is a solution to your problem : put
  {:[[s|( src="?)www/(images)|\1\2|g]]
around your text.
These commands are documented in wml_p6_asubst(1).

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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