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Re: GIFs and PNGs

Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> Hello,
> there are some rumours around concerning Unisys and Gifs.
> --> www.burnallgifs.org
> So perhaps it is better to use png.
> Can I use wml with png's? Or are there restrictions?
> Will it be possible to create pngs with gFONT? 
> And what is the best png-converter? gif2png?
> Ciao!

I can inform you about the fact that I wrote a small programm just like
gfont called "webbutton" which has the same functionality as gfont
but uses the TTF (truetype font) library and a patched gd-library so that
both PNG as well as GIF images can be generated.
I also wrote a patched version of wml::des:gfont called ttfont which
can be used in (nearly) the same way as gfont.

So if somebody is interested I could make a nice tar package out of it
and distribute it.


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