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How to write a paper about WML in WML


I am trying to write an article about WML for an internal journal of
our computer center. Of course, I want to publish it on our Web-site
as well. This leads to the problem of presenting WML-example code on a
WMl-generated page. This leads to some interesting problems with
including verbatim code.

While one can fool WML with for example entering

< define-container foo>

and then in using area substition to get rid of the the blank between
< and define, this is not particularly elegant. The problem with the
verbatim-environment is that it is evaluated to late.

Ideally, one would like to put some WML example code into an include
file and then include it once as verbatim and then a second time after
being processed by WML. But I guess that would involve at least
processing these include files separately once and then include the
resulting .html file verbatim again.

Anybody have some ideas/coments?


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