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Re: [LONG] Re: How to write a paper about WML in WML

Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> writes:

Hi Denis,

> > I am trying to write an article about WML for an internal journal of
> > our computer center. Of course, I want to publish it on our Web-site
> > as well. This leads to the problem of presenting WML-example code on a
> > WMl-generated page. This leads to some interesting problems with
> > including verbatim code.

> > Ideally, one would like to put some WML example code into an include
> > file and then include it once as verbatim and then a second time after
> > being processed by WML. But I guess that would involve at least
> > processing these include files separately once and then include the
> > resulting .html file verbatim again.
> You guess wrong ;-)

This is one of the rare cases I am glad to hear that ....

> The macros below implement this feature in a one-shot trip. Of
> course, in some cases strange problems may occur.

I knew WML is cool, but I am about to put on my fur coat now!
> The latest has been updated on 20-Aug-1999 and i realize there is
> still a bug. Replace <pass=4-8> by <pass=4-9>, i don't see why i
> didn't protect against the last pass.

Well, I guess it IS time to install 1.7.2 now, I just had hoped I
could wait for 1.7.3

Many thanks and best regards,

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