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Re: Very complicated m4 stuff

[I continue a very old message]

We were talking about a very strange M4 macro I have that reads some
files in a directory and inserts them inside the code.

You gave me several examples on how doing it with Meta-HTML and
ePerl. The ideas are good, and I look forward making my first works
with ePerl. But....

The problem was not really this. The problem is somehow different.

My problem is, the files I insert if they are inserted in Pass 2,
Pass 3 or Pass 4, they will not work fine because certain expansions
will not work (like the #include and #use they have inside) or any
$(var) expansion. For example, making this in M4 is quite terrible,
because all the MH and eP macros will never be executed.

The same way there is a <protect> tag..... could exist a <step-back>
tag that makes WML reexecute previous passes on a certain text?

My problem can be solved easily using the `shell':

    wml file.wml | wml -p "123" > file.html

So any missed macro will be expanded in the way.

But maybe there is a real need for a <step-back> tag. Or probably it
is impossible, the way the WML works.

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