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Re: http://www.nokia.com/corporate/wap/future_wap.html

On 16 Sep 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

> I had pointed this conflict out some days ago already and think it is
> a potential problem. Of course you can tell your WAP users to name
> their files something other than .wml and use whatever they (or you)
> choose in your mime-type file. Not nice, though.
> The lesson to learn is: never use three letter appreviations (thanks,
> MS-DOS ...)

I agree with your last sentence, but i'm not sure there is a real
problem. Smart browsers should allow the user to customize how
to render certain mime-types (but i don't know whether they do).

Anyway, i will not change the name of WML modules, not to break
compatibility. But you can change your template and input file
suffixes ; if this breaks something, be sure i will fix WML.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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