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Re: [BUG REPORT] WML 1.7.2, RedHat Linux 5.2

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 ulrich@niedermann.bb.bawue.de wrote:

> | wml_p2_mhc dumps core, details below. The problem 
> | occurs using any combination of  FOO and foo. 
> | How can I help debug this problem? wml -v9 did 
> | not help me, I'm afraid.
> | 
> | [uli@chef ~]$ cat ttt.wml
> | <define-tag foo>
> |   <<FOO>>
> | </define-tag>
> | 
> | <FOO>

Yes, you're right.

T had a lot of trouble with wml_p5_divert, for instance
   <define-tag test>
   <if true <prog

I believe we should use alternate forms of wml_p5_divert functions, i.e.
   <<NAME>>  by  {#NAME#}
   ..NAME>>  by  {#NAME: 
   <<NAME..  by   :NAME#}

In the next release, i will change documentation to reflect this.

Thanx for the report.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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