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Re: Bug or feature - handling url "./" in wml::des::navbar

On 21 Sep 1999, Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:

> Hi Denis,
> sorry if I am disturbing the packaging of the next release, but I just 
> stumbled over the problem an hour ago.

You're welcome ;-)

> I am trying to create a navigation bar with a button entry
>   <navbar:define name=topbar urlbase="$(ROOT)">
>     <navbar:button id=index txt="First page" url="./">
> (-DROOT~. in .wmlrc) which does not yield one of the expected results
>     <a href="./">First page</a>
>     <a href="$(BASE_URL)">First page</a>
> in files in the $(ROOT) directory but
>     First page
> without any links. However, it would certainly be better to get a link
> to "./" instead. 

Indeed. I thought i had already fix this bug, but i must admit i was
> Now the questions are:
> (a) Is that behaviour desirable for all applications of
>     wml::des::navbar? 


> (b) Is that behaviour perhaps even desirable all applications of
>     &canonpath()? 

Yes, it's why i have patched this routine in wml::sup::path, and not
wml::des::navbar itself. 
When ``canonicalizing'' paths, a leading ./ is removed if followed by any

Thanks for your report.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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