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Re: Bug or feature - handling url "./" in wml::des::navbar

<barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> writes:

[ &canonpath("./") results in "" => no link in navbar ]

> Indeed. I thought i had already fix this bug, but i must admit i was
> wrong.

Perhaps you fixed it in some snapshot. I can only talk about plain
WML 1.7.2. 

[ &canonpath() ]

> Yes, it's why i have patched this routine in wml::sup::path, and not
> wml::des::navbar itself. 
> When ``canonicalizing'' paths, a leading ./ is removed if followed by any
> character.

BTW, what does the new &canonpath(".") yield? ""? "."? "./"?

Always eager to find other people's bugs, :-)

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