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Solution to "Problems with Install.pm"

Hello people!

After a time consuming trial-and-error phase I can present a receipt to
solve the problem:

$ pwd
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/fknipp/wml --with-openworld

I choose "--with-openworld" because without it doesn't work...

$ make

No errors.

$ make test
[...lots of error messages...]

The error messages say that it cannot find File/PathConvert.pm... The
problem is that Install.pm tries to install the perl stuff into some
site-perl directories - and I've no permission to write there ;-)

Therefore let's do it by hand:

$ for i in blockparser bitvector delimmatch filepathconvert gd imagesize \
> termreadkey io; do cp -r wml_common/$i/blib/lib/* \
> wml_test/TEST.root/lib/perl/lib/i386-linux/5.004/; done
$ for i in bitvektor gd termreadkey io; \
> do cp -r wml_common/$i/blib/arch/* wml_test/TEST.root/lib/perl/lib/; \
> done

Now the different perl files are distributed into the appropriate wml_test
paths. There is no need for the .exists-files there, therefore we remove

$ find wml_test -name ".exists" -exec rm '{}' ';'

And now we install it:

$ make install

The same error with Install.pm as above occur - to fix it, we copy the
perl files to their new place:

$ cd
$ cp -r workpad/wml-1.7.2/wml_test/TEST.root/lib/perl/* wml/lib/perl

I know that this is a little bit dirty solution but I don't know how to
fix the "Makefile" or "configure" to avoid this problem.

I hope this description will help somebody...

Greetings from Spain

Franz (who is Austrian)

PS: Unhappily the hypertext version of the mailing list did not work while
I wrote my first email, but now it seems working.

Franz KNIPP                                               c/o Marco Doņate
C/ Poeto Ricard Sanmarti, 4-10                            E-46020 Valencia
http://www.knipp.org/franz/                                franz@knipp.org

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