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Re: May I run wml from a setuid program? (It seems not)

On Wednesday 29 September 1999, at 0 h 10, the keyboard of Denis Barbier 
<barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

> You have to define $ENV{PATH} _inside_ your Perl scripts.

I do it in the Perl script which runs wml. But wml resets it :-( which is not 
a good idea, IMHO.

> So copy wml to wml-safe and define $ENV{PATH} in wml-safe.

Done. I just have to remember to do it again at the next upgrade. Now, it gets a little further:

Running from another account, with the setuid wrapper (which sets uid to me):

/local/bin/wml -o index_all.html   index_all.wml 
cannot load /tmp/wml.12907.tmp2 for unprotection: No such file or directory at /local/bin/wml line 642.

(The .tmp1 file is properly created, and with the proper UID, mine)

Running from my account, it works.

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