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Hi all,

I am glad to announce that WML-1.7.3 is available at

Below is the portion of the ChangeLog file describing changes
between 1.7.2 and 1.7.3. Thanks to all contributors and those i
forgot to mention below.

Changes between 1.7.2 and 1.7.3:

    *) Fix wml::std::logo (27-Sep-1999):
       Fixes default logo to wml.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Upgrade of tidy (25-Sep-1999):
       Upgrade from tidy15apr99 to tidy26apr99.
       [Alvise Belotti]

    *) Fix wml::std::grid (22-Sep-1999):
       The ``height'' attribute must be applied to cells, and not
       [Jacques Supcik <supcik@ip-plus.net>]

    *) Fix wml::sup::path (21-Sep-1999):
       The ``canonpath'' routine is modified to return ``./'' instead
       of an empty string ; this fixes problems with wml::des::navbar
       and other include files.
       This patch is also applied to ipp.src, wmk.src and wml.src
       [Hans Ulrich Niedermann]

    *) Add documentation in wml::des::navbar (19-Sep-1999):
       The nohints attribute of the <navbar:render> tag was missing.
       [Hans Ulrich Niedermann <ulrich@niedermann.bb.bawue.de>]

    *) Fix the <include> tag (19-Sep-1999):
       When files are included via the <include> tag, the
       <*parser*::push-file> and <*parser*::pop-file> tags were
       printed, but these tags were removed from wml_p2_mhc.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Allow any pass order (19-Sep-1999):
       The -p option of WML allow users to specify which pass are to
       be invoked ; in wml-1.7.3, when pass specifications are followed
       by an exclamation mark, passes are not sorted.
       [Xose Manoel Ramos <xmanoel@bigfoot.com>

    *) Accepts any suffix in input fle names (19-Sep-1999):
       Many files are updated to accept any input file suffix. Temporary
       files take the same suffix of the input file.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix the :NAME#} construction in wml_p5_divert (19-Sep-1999):
       The wml_p5_divert accepts two equivalent sets of commands. As for
       now, the preferred one is ``<<NAME>> ..NAME>> <<NAME..''. But
       those angle brackets cause trouble in conjunction with wml_p2_mhc,
       so documentation is updated to prefer alternative commands
       ``{#NAME#} {#NAME:  :NAME#}''.
       Moreover a bug has been fixed with the ``:NAME#}'' command.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix configure bugs with some Perl versions (19-Sep-1999):
       Some Perl versions, like the EUC JP one caused an error when
       running the configure script.
       [Andrew S. Howell <andy@tibcofinance.com>]

    *) Fix compilation of wml_p2_mhc (19-Sep-1999):
       Build wml_p2_mhc with the C compiler found at configure
       time, and not necessarily gcc.
       [Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars@larsshack.org>]

    *) Bug fix : 1-char directory name (10-Sep-1999):
       Wmk and wml did not handle right 1-char directory name.
       [Nico Galoppo <scratch@ace.ulyssis.student.kuleuven.ac.be>]

    *) Fix the --without-openworld configure option (09-Sep-1999):
       The --without-openworld did not work as expected, it is fixed.
       [Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com>]

    *) Fix the __FILE__ automatic variable in wml_p1_ipp (06-Sep-1999):
       The __FILE__ variable did not work as expected because of a
       problem with scope.
       [Nobuyuki Tsuchimur <tutimura@nn.iij4u.or.jp>]

    *) Use of the TMPDIR environment variable (28-Aug-1999):
       To conform with POSIX standard, this variable contains
       the directory name where temporary files are kept. By default,
       this directory is /tmp.
       [Thomas Roessler <roessler@guug.de>]

    *) Use GNU shtool for configuring (25-Aug-1999):
       All scripts in etc/ sub-directories were still replaced by
       Ralf's shtool since 01-Jul-1999. They are now removed.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix include files (23-Aug-1999):
       In all include files, perl ``system'' function is replaced by
       backticks, to allow error reporting.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Write empty file during pass 9 (23-Aug-1999):
       On latest version, empty output files were not written. It has 
       been changed to suppress this error
           cannot load /tmp/wml.xxx.tmp4 for unprotection at
           /usr/bin/wml line 658.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) New wml_include/mod/version.src (21-Aug-1999):
       Provides the <require> tag to indicate a minimal WML version
       number to process a given file.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Fix wml::fmt::verbatim (20-Aug-1999):
       Added <protect></protect> to insert files really verbatim
       [Thomas Roessler <roessler@guug.de>]

    *) New wml_include/mod directory (20-Aug-1999):
       This directory is devoted for modularity. The first include file
       is MakeMaker.src, a Makefile generator to distribute WML modules.
       It is inspired by the ExtUtils::MakeMaker Perl module.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Add wml_contrib/mkwml (20-Jul-1999):
       This Perl script is an alternative to wmk.
       [Jim Bowlin <bowlin@sirius.com>]

    *) Fix the --safe long option name (19-Jul-1999):
       The --speedup option was used instead of --safe in wmk.src and
       [Simon Burr <simes@bpfh.net>]

    *) Better detection of relative paths in navbar.src (19-Jul-1999):
       When including images, absolute pathnames were either paths
       beginning with a slash or with ``http://''. Obviously other
       cases may occur, e.g. with ftp. The new algorithm is inspired
       from the URI perl module.
       [Dave Plonka <plonka@doit.wisc.edu>]

    *) Allow quotes around pass numbers in <protect> tags (09-Jul-1999):
       [Davor Cengija]

    *) Fix variable evaluation in Pass 1 (09-Jul-1999):
       The regular expression used to substitute variables in wml_p1_ipp
       was wrong with two adjacent variables, like $(foo)$(bar).
       [Uwe Mindrup <uwe@mindrup.de>]

    *) Fix installation of Perl modules (05-Jul-1999):
       On some platforms, Perl modules are not installed under
       Rules in Makefiles now invoke pure_perl_install
       [Tobias Oetiker]

    *) Define a WML environment variable (01-Jul-1999):
       Contains the path of the wml binary. It is needed to perform
       tests on wmk when wml is not yet installed.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) More robust -D flag (01-Jul-1999):
       A variable defined with the -D flag could not contain spaces or
       metacharacters. It's fixed now, one can write
           -DFOO="this \"and that\""
       on the command line, the shebang line, in RC-files or in the
       environment variable WMLOPTS.
       [<simes@bpfh.net>, Jim Hebert]

    *) Improve dependency checking (09-Jun-1999):
       If output files depend on certain data files, one may tell WMk
       about these dependencies by using the new ``#depends''
       directive.  File is not included but dependency is updated.
       The metacharacters [?*] are allowed in file names after #use
       #include and #depends. Bracketed expressions are also recognized.
       [Jay Treacy <treacy@debian.org>]

    *) Enhanced wml::fmt::verbatim (08-Jun-1999):
       Add the <verbatim-file> tag which is much more readable than
       the perl wml_fmt_verbatim routine.
       [Tobias Oetiker]

    *) Makes ePerl more portable (08-Jun-1999):
       ePerl uses the ppport.h file to deal with old and new perl.
       [Denis Barbier]

    *) Clean-up include files (06-Jun-1999):
       Simplification have been done in include files to use the new
       Meta-HTML tags.
       All references to the /tmp directory have been replaced by the
       WML_TMPDIR variable.
       [Denis Barbier]

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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