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Re: Ouput directory other than source directory

Jan Holler <jh@inetcom.ch> writes:

> > The Debian web site currently uses "make install" to copy all the *.html
> > files etc. to a different directory.  Two reasons that I can think of are:
> I use "mirror.pl" a perlscript to copy the changed files
> via ftp to the web-server. It is configurable. You can
> exclude filepatterns from mirroring, e.g. .wml
> So it does not matter to have .html and .wml files mixed up.

I use rsync for this as it only copies whatever files are modified.

BTW, I do not exclude the wml files from copying to the web server as
this way people can actually look at them if they want to know how the
site was done in WML.


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