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RE: Ouput directory other than source directory

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999 barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr wrote:

>Ok, building and mirroring is something i understand. But could someone
>explain the benefits of putting output files in a different directory than
>the source file (that's what the subject means).
>I want to know if it is worth i try to ease such manipulations.

I do not really understand this thread but here are my two
Pfennigs. In the Sudelbuch i have all wml and html files in one

But when I compile the wml-file it creates two identically files:

heute/index.html is the daily new-file.

I do it with the shebang -o line and LANG-Definitions.

Sometimes there are files of a series. Then I create three
identically files


where the files in 1999 and drnj have different navigation-bars.

As you can see heute/index.html will always be new.

On my business-pages I have to navigations. One for Advertising
Agencies and one for Companies. Some files have the same content
but different nav-bars. So there I have one directory for all wml

and two directories for agencies and companies.

Until now I had only one problem. I found no way to produce files
in different hierarchical levels. For example:

and the same file as

There are problems with the pathes, because in the first file there
must be an image "../bilder/image.gif" and in the index-file it must
be "./bilder/image.gif. I worked around with inventing a
heute-directory. The other way: all files in the root-dir.

Perhaps it would be helpful, when the variable $(ROOT) dissolves
in realationship to the target-directory, not in relation to the

>PS to juh: there are lots of mirror.pl worldwide. One comes from
>              http://sunsite.org.uk/packages/mirror/

>           Try wget (from any GNU archive) too.

Can I "put" with wget?


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