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mirror-sw for uploading (Re: Ouput directory other than source directory)

Sat, 2 Oct 1999 14:51:37 +0200 (MEST), Jan Ulrich Hasecke
<juh@pironet.de> wrote:

> I now installed mirror, but mirror is a download-tool, which can
> also upload, but the whole design is for downloading. So I am
> testing in the moment. Do you know a better tool?

Sorry for the late answer. The tool I use is from
http://www.heise.de/ . But I could not find it again 
after your former question.

But you can get it from http://www.inetcom.ch/pub/mirror.zip.
I will leave it there until 20. Oct.

- All documentation is in german.
- Runs on Windows too (is written in perl).
- YOU HAVE to PATCH it as it is described in the docs.
- You need a quite new perl-release.
- ALL FILES include CRs aka ctrl-M !!!
- Test it before you use it.
- It sometimes get stuck into a loop. Break it, and rename
  mirror.tmp to mirror.dat.
- You have to wrap it if you want to mirror one single side
  to different locations (in a simple shell-script to rename 
  the config and data-files).

It works best with regular small changes to the site. It
has (at least at my place, and my link is fast) some
timing-problems with complete sites-updates.

Have fun, don't ask any questions since I am away until the
20.10. and anyway I am not the author or the software.


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