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Hi all
Maybe I am too stupid, but when I say

$ wml foobar.wml 

and I have the following shebang in the first line of foobar.wml

#!wml  -o (ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_EN:../html/en/foobar.en.html \
       -o (ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_DE:../html/de/foobar.de.html

foobar.*.html are not optimized in terms of height, width and the other
things that p7_htmlfix should apply. When I apply htmlfix manually with

/usr/local/lib/wml/exec/wml_p7_htmlfix -v foobar.de.html -o test.html

it works. I do not specify in .wmlrc's or other commanline-options that
htmlfix should not be applied. Did I only missed certain parts in RTFM or
am I too stupid to do this?

I hope y'all can help me 

Valentin v. Seggern		 - name
luisxiv@gmx.net			 - email
http://www.awdesigns.de/valentin - homepage
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