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WMLOPTS quoting bug in WML 1.7.4


this time it is a real bug, I'm sure :-)

[uli@chef ~]$ touch test.wml
[uli@chef ~]$ WMLOPTS='-DX=1 \"-DXY=2\"' wml test.wml
** Slice:Warning: no such slice 'ALL'
[uli@chef ~]$ WMLOPTS='-DX=1 "-DXY=2"' wml test.wml

And now, nothing happens. 100% CPU load and nothing else. So I
cancelled with Ctrl-C.

[uli@chef ~]$ ll test.*
-rw-rw-r--   1 uli      uli             0 Okt 11 02:15 test.wml
[uli@chef ~]$ 

Still using wml 1.7.4, patched from 1.7.3 source-tarball. If the guy
"fixing" the "quotes in WMLOPTS" bug wants to handle that: You're
welcome :-) (You probably know where to look). Else I'll be looking
after it during the next few days.


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