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WML site?

Hi there,

I tried to access the wml pages, www.engelschall.com/sw./wml, but I get
a "connection refused" message (as attached).

I'm looking for a way for designing nice/professional pages, and asked
in this list a few months ago.  Someone told me to learn html first, so
I did ... I've been doing some html (while I use sgml for documents) for
designing basic pages.

Now that I feel more confident on html, I've been browsing through the
wml documentation (which I downloaded some time ago), but still am
rather confused about the whole thing...

is wml a language by itself, or is it a tool for processing html
documents?  would anyone be kind enough as to, roughly, explain me how
it works or what can I do with it?


Horacio					Anno MMDCCLII ad Urbe condita
Valencia - ESPAŅA

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