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Re: WML site?

On Wednesday 13 October 1999, at 15 h 11, the keyboard of J Horacio MG 
<homega@ciberia.es> wrote:

> I tried to access the wml pages, www.engelschall.com/sw./wml, but I get
> a "connection refused" message (as attached).

Unfortunately, it seems quite common. The Webmaster is a member of the Apache 
Group, so he probably tries new tricks on his Web server :-)

> is wml a language by itself, or is it a tool for processing html
> documents? 

It is a pre-processor, like M4. Unlike M4, which is general-purpose, WML is 
targeted to the production of HTML pages. Like cpp for the C language, it is a 
specialized pre-processor.

Practically, it means WML is policy-free: you can produce standard and 
Lynx-compliant Web pages as well as unbearable moutains of gadgets.

> would anyone be kind enough as to, roughly, explain me how
> it works or what can I do with it?

There are several uses but the one I prefer is to automatize trivial tasks (like adding a "last modified on xx/yy/zz" on every page) and to keep all the pages consistent (I can change the navbar and all the pages are updated).

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