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Re: Suggestionen for man page addition

On 17 Oct 1999, Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:

> Hi Denis,
> debugging my wml based web site, I had to use the -v9 option to wml
> several times and each time I was annoyed that the pager started was
> more and not less. Then I looked at the wml source and found that wml
> uses more environment variables than wml(1) says. Therefore I suggest
> to add the following variable descriptions (or something similar) to 
> the ENVIRONMENT section of wml(1) under USED VARIABLES:
>        PAGER
>            This variable contains the pager WML is to use. WML uses
>            a pager when called with the --verbose=NUM or -vNUM option 
>            respectively and NUM is 3 or higher and therefore showing 
>            the processed data after each pass. Default is 'more'.
>        TMPDIR
>            This variable contains the directory WML stores its 
>            temporary files in. Default is '/tmp'.

That's cool, i have nothing more to say ;-)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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