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Re: New WML feature for pass 6 - Area Substitution (patch)

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Thomas Akin wrote:

> Name: wml174.p6.patch
> WML Version: WML 1.7.4
> Patch Author: Thomas Akin

Hi Thomas,

> Function:
> 	This patch adds a new tag pair called 
> 	<noasub> ... </noasub>. Anything within these tags will be
> 	ignored by pass 6 the Area Substitution pass.

Another way to define this is:
<define-container noasub>
<protect pass=6>%body</protect>

> That's it.... Let me know if you find this useful or have any
> questions...  Denis, any chance of this making it into the next
> release? I have found this tag extremely useful and it seems a logical
> extension to pass 6...

I have 2 objections:
- pass 6 is not HTML-oriented, so it is strange to define this tag in
- the <protect> tag does a good job, why not use it?

Feel free to send comments about this.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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