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Re: New WML features for gif generation (patch)


On Thu, Oct 21, 1999 at 10:00:42AM +0200, barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr wrote:
> Hi again,
> did you try to define
>    <set-var IMGDOT_BASE="images/<get-var WML_SRC_BASENAME>">
>    <set-var BGIMG_BASE="images/<get-var WML_SRC_BASENAME>">
>    ...
> in your templates?
> I believe it is what you want.

      I didn't think of the example above... I was intrigued
      by the simplicity of putting '-DIMGDIR~images' in my
      .wmlrc or .wmkrc file.... The above would work as
      well, but I still like the idea of only having to set
      one variable, instead of one for every include file
      that generates images... It just seems cleaner to
      me. The IMGDIR variable makes life a little easier. I
      always prefer to be able to change one variable rather
      than make the same changes to multiple variable...

      I agree that the <noasub> patch was completely
      redundant and unnecessary, but I think the IMGDIR
      variable is a useful feature. Even though you can get
      the same functionality through other means, this
      addition just makes it easier and more intuitive.




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