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Re: New WML features for gif generation (patch)


On Fri, Oct 22, 1999 at 11:09:17AM +0200, barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr wrote:
> Me too ;-)
> Anyway your suggestion is interesting, i will think about it.

        I've been thinking about this some more... and
        instead of adding a bunch of new variables like I
        proposed earlier here is my current idea which just
        changes the default behavior of the ???_BASE options
        slightly and adds one new variable...

	What do you think about:

	1) Changing the default behavior of the ???_BASE
           variables such that if ???_BASE exists, and is a
           directory then WML creates the gif inside that
           directory with the default naming scheme...

	   Currently if you do a 

	     wmk -DLOGO_BASE~images/ test.wml

	   you get a gif generated called...

	   I think it should generate a gif called...


	   Other than this situation the ???_BASE variables
	   would behave the same as they do now. I can't
	   think of any situations where this would cause

	2) Adding a new variable called IMGBASE (or
           something else appropriate) that will set the
           ???_BASE dir for all generated images. When set
           to a directory, you have get all your gifs
           generated there. This would allow

	     wmk -DIMGBASE~images

	   which is nice and clean...

	These changes would provide some nice functionality
	without adding any drastic coding and tons of new
	variables. I'd be glad to generate some patches for
	you to look at if you like the idea...

	Let me know...



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