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Re: replacement of gfont using TrueType fonts

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Remco van den Berg wrote:

> Hello fellow WML-ers,
> I built a small utility which makes GIF images from text using
> TrueType fonts.
> I made it because I didn't like the font quality of gfont and the
> availability of TrueType fonts is bigger. (At least, that's my
> experience.)
> I included a ttfont.wml file which can be used just like gfont.wml in your
> WML sources. An example wml file is also included.
> To download, go to the webpage:
>   http://www.dse.nl/rvdberg/software/webbutton/
> Any comments are welcome of course.
> (It is a first release, so there's hardly any documentation included.)

Hi Remco,

here are some comments (i didn't try it yet):
* You could take the documentation from wml::des::gfont
  (and also put a line in ttfont.wml to say it is derived from
  gfont.wml ;)
* The TrueType directory is hardcoded in ttfont.wml, it's a bad
  idea. Determine it at configure time.
* Same thing in the configure script.
* I already wanted to add some borders to gFONT generated images.
  You had one kind of border in ttfont, but sometimes one wants
  shaded effects.
  Do you think it should be done by the logo generator or by a
  call to another program (ImageMagick?)
* Could ttfont write PNG files too ?

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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