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Re: New WML features for gif generation (patch)

This time, I fully agree ;-)

If you want to write patches, they are welcome.

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Thomas Akin wrote:

> 	1) Changing the default behavior of the ???_BASE
>            variables such that if ???_BASE exists, and is a
>            directory then WML creates the gif inside that
>            directory with the default naming scheme...
> 	   Currently if you do a 
> 	     wmk -DLOGO_BASE~images/ test.wml
> 	   you get a gif generated called...
> 	     images/.logo-wml.gif
> 	   I think it should generate a gif called...
> 	     images/test.logo-wml.gif
> 	   Other than this situation the ???_BASE variables
> 	   would behave the same as they do now. I can't
> 	   think of any situations where this would cause
> 	   problems...
> 	2) Adding a new variable called IMGBASE (or
>            something else appropriate) that will set the
>            ???_BASE dir for all generated images. When set
>            to a directory, you have get all your gifs
>            generated there. This would allow
> 	     wmk -DIMGBASE~images
> 	   which is nice and clean...
> 	These changes would provide some nice functionality
> 	without adding any drastic coding and tons of new
> 	variables. I'd be glad to generate some patches for
> 	you to look at if you like the idea...

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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