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Re: replacement of gfont using TrueType fonts

barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr wrote:
> Hi Remco,
> here are some comments (i didn't try it yet):
> * You could take the documentation from wml::des::gfont
>   (and also put a line in ttfont.wml to say it is derived from
>   gfont.wml ;)

I agree... :-)

> * The TrueType directory is hardcoded in ttfont.wml, it's a bad
>   idea. Determine it at configure time.

It's also hard coded in webbutton! I know, it's not nice. But for
the time being, it works... :-)
Is there somebody who knows how to detect the font directory using
Otherwise I make a global config.h file with the local settings.

> * Same thing in the configure script.

What's wrong with the configure script? It's auto generated.

> * I already wanted to add some borders to gFONT generated images.
>   You had one kind of border in ttfont, but sometimes one wants
>   shaded effects.
>   Do you think it should be done by the logo generator or by a
>   call to another program (ImageMagick?)

I also thought about that (of course :-). There are several solutions.
Two you already mentioned, but another idee is to put text on some
template image and tell webbutton where the template image is on disk.

> * Could ttfont write PNG files too ?

Yes, either patch the webbutton.c file (very easy, just look at the code
and have a look at de gd-1.6.3-patched/index.html). Or even better, make
it dependent on the image file-extension, so that it works automatically.
But that's my job then. Perhaps an extra option could be included too to
force a file type.


I'll work on these things...



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