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Slice Warning/Newbie Question

  I hope that I won't draw too many flames for a newbie question. I've
just downloaded wml and I'm trying to recreate the example listed in the
navbar section of the docuementation (in wmd). The code listed below
gives me the following error:

**Slice Warning: No such Slice 'All'

I am using the latest stable version of wml with a RedHat 5.2 Linux
system. All of the make tests passed OK for the wml installation.

Any hints or tips most apprec.



#use wml::std::page
#use wml::des::navbar

<navbar:define name=test
        imgbase="img/" urlbase="$(ROOT)"
        txtcol_normal="#000000" txtcol_select="#ffffff">
    <table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=2 border=0>

  <navbar:prolog>        <td bgcolor="#cccccc"> </navbar:prolog>

  <navbar:button id=foo txt="Foo" url="foo.html" hint="The Foo Page">

  <navbar:epilog> </td> </navbar:epilog>


<navbar:render name=$(name) select=$(select)>

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