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Re: using image size functions in ePerl

El Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 10:04:24AM +0100, Denis Barbier contaba:
>The simplest is to install this module into the standard Perl location.
>If you have WML sources, go to wml_common/imagesize, otherwise download
>it from
>or any mirror and untar it. Then run
>   perl Makefile.PL
>   make
>   su
>   make install

Well, finally I decided to check the 'htmlfix' code to see how do
they manage to use this functions and I arrived to this clean an
pretty solution.

#use wml::std::tags

<define-tag img-size whitespace=delete>
<preserve img>
<preserve return>
<set-var %attributes>
use lib "/usr/lib/wml/perl/lib";
use lib "/usr/lib/wml/perl/lib/i386-linux/5.004";

use Image::Size;

($hor,$ver,$type) = imgsize("<get-var img>");

if ("<get-var return>" eq "hor") 
           { print $hor ; } 
if ("<get-var return>" eq "ver") 
           { print $ver; }  
if ("<get-var return>" eq "type") 
           { print $type; }  


This image is a <img-size img="xose.jpg" return="type"> 
( <img-size img="xose.jpg" return="hor"> 
<img-size img="xose.jpg" return="ver">)


The answer is simply the 'use lib .....'. (Pretty simple). 

Maybe somebody finds of any use this little 'tag' I have created.

><ose        xmanoel@bigfoot.com   (Vigo/Galicia/Espaņa)

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