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Navbar in two languages


I try to make a webpage in german and english. There is a navbar at the
left and I try to use different images in the german and english version.

But neither

# 1st try
  <navbar:button id=kultur url="$(ROOT)/kultur/" txt="Kultur" 
  <navbar:button id=kultur url="$(ROOT)/kultur/index.en.html" txt="Culture"    


# 2nd try
<navbar:button id=suche url="$(ROOT)/search/<en: index.en.html>"
txt="<de: Suche><en: Search>" img=navbar-suche-<en: en->*.gif>

works as I want. In my first attempt wml prints both the "Kultur" and
"Culture" button (in both languages), in my second attempt wml refuses to
load the images (It  seems that txt="<de: Suche><en: Search>" does work
correctly, but not the  img=navbar-suche-<en: en->*.gif> - part).

My question now is: How is the correct way to generate multi-language
navigation bars? Is ist possible?

Bye, Wolfgang

P.S. (You can find a (non working) example at:

(and the wml-Files at:
(the third does only generate the navbar-Buttons).

I use wml 1.7.2 on Redhat Linux.

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