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wmk -M (was: doc error in wmk man page?)

Hi Denis,

thanks a lot for the patch.

Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> writes:

[ Patch for wmk to recognise -M option of wml ]

I was just testing it and stumbled over "wmk -M" working for some
files but not for others. I suspect wmk processes the -M option as any
other wml option, i.e. performing its own dependecy checks and then
sometimes deciding that wml doesn't need to be run. In this case no
dependency information will be printed.

OK, probably I find a way to adapt my quite complex web site Makefile
system not to rely on "wml -M" and using "wmk *.wml" instead, so this
is not urgent. 

Thinking more about it, I'm asking myself if it does make sense at all
for wmk to pass the -M option. Perhaps it would be better not to
handle -M in wmk because it makes no sense and putting an according
not into wmk(1)?

Just some random thoughts...

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