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Re: I can compile a site

Hello -

I'm also having problems with wmk.. my system just got upgraded to
sun os 5.7 and we upgraded wml to the most current stable version 
at the same time.  Now I am having a very difficult time using 
wmk.  Now :
wmk -a is an unrecognized option, although it appears in the man
	page and in what you get when you do wmk --help. 
wmk *.wml or passing it a specific specific filename results in 
	output to STDOUT.
wmk research/jobs/index.wml -o research/jobs/index.html doesn't
	define $(ROOT) properly in the resultant html file, 
	although it finds and reads my .wmlrc ok.

I searched the mailing list archives, and there was discussion a
few weeks ago about not having wmk -M anymore, but i find it amazing
that no one has complained about wmk -a... which is why I am worried it
is me, and not wmk.

any suggestions?

Luisa Rebull
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
University of Chicago

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