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Re: Slicing and not-slicing but using the same template(s).

hi denis

as fine as your solution is (thank you again) there shows
up one problem:

Thu, 25 Nov 1999 10:52:40 +0100 (CET), you wrote:
>> so how the heck can i put a value in variable
>> depending on the language which is generated?
> <set-var foo="<de: deutsch><fr: francais>">

suppose i want to make decisions based on the contents of
the variable:
(all the necessary includes and definitions for the use of
slices are done)
<if <string-eq <get-var foo> "francais">
<set-var bar="true">
<set-var bar="false">
#print it
bar is: <get-var bar>

after generation of the two slices (de,fr) 
*both* of them have:

bar is: false

how is that to solve?

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